Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit
Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit
Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit
Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit
Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit

Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit

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Introducing our incredible Play Dough Travel Kit, the perfect companion for fun on the go, offering endless entertainment for kids on car rides, road trips, airplanes, restaurants, hotel rooms, and wherever the adventure takes them!

Attention all unicorn enthusiasts! Get ready to indulge in a magical adventure with our enchanting Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit, featuring vibrant colors, shimmering sparkles, and delightful scents that will transport your little one to a world of unicorn wonders!

This set comes with a specially created white, purple, and blue swirl dough, as well as a pink dough that allows you to choose between pastel or color pop options. 

Our thoughtfully designed Play Dough Travel Kits are carefully crafted to deliver boundless hours of entertainment while engaging all the senses, fostering fine motor skills, and inspiring creativity and imagination to flourish!

Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Travel Kit includes: 

- 2 x 120g tub of handmade play dough

    - 1 x cutter from Unicorn Cutters Set (Random)

    - Assorted figurines and loose parts

    - 1 canvas travel bag 

    Items may vary from kit to kit and will not exactly match the pictures.

    The Tiny Trove play dough are silky soft, long lasting, non-sticky and non-oily. Lovingly handcrafted with little hands in mind, our dough provide the perfect platform for creative, tactile and sensorial learning experience whilst developing fine motor skills for your little explorer through sensory play!

    Each tub is packed with 120 grams of non-toxic, zero nasties, kid-friendly dough made from food grade ingredients. Whilst all ingredients are safely indigestible on their own, the play dough has a very high salt content, and they should not be consumed. Play dough is a choking hazard thus adult supervision is required at all times.  

    The play dough can last for 3- 6 months and is best stored in the airtight tub provided, kept in a cool and dry place. Also keep the dough away from direct sunlight. We take the upmost care in recreating what you see in these colour samples, however there may be some slight variation due to screen discrepancies and the general nature of play dough interacting with the environment.

    We recommend all our products to be played with adult supervision. May contain small parts which could be a choking hazard.