Our Story

The Tiny Trove was created with our little human in mind. Seeing little Avery enjoying herself with the homemade play dough in a sensory class, I was intrigued to make some for her to play! The play dough recipe testing started and after many late nights, numerous failed attempts and tons of playing, The Tiny Trove Play Dough was finally born. 

Passionate about creative and sensory play, I’m glad to have created something that can encourage play-based learning. Open-ended play opportunities encourage little ones to follow their interests and helps them to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. After all, the imagination is the most powerful tool we have, so let your little one's creativity run wild!

All our play dough is made with love and in small batches. The Tiny Trove play dough is great for our little ones fine motor skills development too. Buttery soft and non-sticky, it strengthens the muscle in their tiny hands through squishing, squashing, rolling and flattening the play dough through hours of fun.

Handmade using only edible ingredients, our play dough is 100% non-toxic and safe for curious little ones who still likes to explore with their mouths. For toddlers, opt for scented ones with essential oils to create a free, relaxing and mindful approach to play.

Becoming a full time Mum has really inspired me to help promote learning through play at home and in educational settings. I hope you love The Tiny Trove play dough as much as we do.

Angeline & Avery