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Personalized Tracing Name Board Bundle
Personalized Tracing Name Board Bundle
Personalized Tracing Name Board Bundle
Personalized Tracing Name Board Bundle

Personalized Tracing Name Board Bundle

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Together with Keep Me Busy (@keepmebusy_) , we are happy to present the  perfect hands-on resources for your little ones!

With the personalized wooden name tracing board, they are able to learn how to write their name and also feel the shape of each of the letters with their fingers or the tracing stick. Together with The Tiny Trove’s signature dough and rainbow rice, little ones are encourage to use different resources to fill each of the letters in their names.

Using the name boards together with play dough and sensory rice, it helps the little ones to build up muscles memory in their hands in time for when they are ready to put pen on paper. This bundle is the ideal resource for children who are starting school soon.

What is even better? This name board is dual sided! Little ones are able to learn their English name and Mother Tongue name at the same time.

Made of purely solid hardwood coated with earth-friendly oils. Overtime, this precious board can be for keepsake or part of a room decoration. Each letter is 12cm tall and length of board depends on the numbers of letter. Names start from 4-10 letters and maximum of 3 Chinese characters.

An artwork of the names will be drafted for confirmation purposes. Once finalised, edits or changes are strictly discouraged. Lead production will be from 2-3 weeks. Any possible delays due to high demand of orders and woodmaking production issues will be informed during the time frame given.

Each Personalized Tracing Name Board Bundle comes with 4 tubs of The Tiny Trove play dough and 1 pack of sensory rice. Colours of the playdough will be given at random. 

Other products ordered together with the bundle will be delivered together as a single delivery.

We recommend all our products to be played with adult supervision. May contain small parts which could be a choking hazard. This product is designed to be played with and not eaten.