Paddle Pop Ice Cream Dough - The Tiny Trove
Paddle Pop Ice Cream Mini Set

Paddle Pop Ice Cream Mini Set

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*** Minimum order of 15 party packs (Mix & Match) ***

Paddle Pop, super duper yummy! 

This song always rings up in my mind when I see the iconic colours of pastel blue, yellow and pink all swirled up together. Who can resist the temptation of the beautiful colours and ice cream! 

Now you can recreate the original Paddle Pop stick ice cream using ourPaddle Pop Ice Cream Mini Set. Ice cream is still best served on stick as you race against time to finish it before it melts away. 

For added fun and fine motor training, we have included coloured sea shell and mini pom pom loose parts to the set so your little one can decorate their ice cream and develop their motor skills! 


Paddle Pop Ice Cream Mini Set consists of: 

- 1 tub of Paddle Pop colour Play Dough

- 2 x ice cream stick

- Loose parts: Coloured sea shells & mini pom poms


The Tiny Trove play dough are silky soft, long lasting, non-sticky and non-oily. Lovingly handcrafted with little hands in mind, our dough provide the perfect platform for creative, tactile and sensorial learning experience whilst developing fine motor skills for your little explorer through sensory play!

Each tub is packed with 120 grams / 360 grams of non-toxic, zero nasties, kid-friendly dough made from food grade ingredients. Whilst all ingredients are safely indigestible on their own, the play dough has a very high salt content, and they should not be consumed. Play dough is a choking hazard thus adult supervision is required at all times.

You may choose to have your dough unscented or scented with Lavender, Geranium or Chamomile essential oil.

The play dough can last for 3- 6 months and is best stored in the airtight tub provided, kept in a cool and dry place. Also keep the dough away from direct sunlight. We take the upmost care in recreating what you see in these colour samples, however there may be some slight variation due to screen discrepancies and the general nature of play dough interacting with the environment.

We recommend all our products to be played with adult supervision. May contain small parts which could be a choking hazard. This product is designed to be played with and not eaten.